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At the end of this program, you will be able to see clearly what you want for your future and exactly how to bring it to life. 

 It will be a life-changing process that will invite your desires back in and give you all the love, joy, and abundance your heart wants.

  Have questions?  
Call me (Patty) here: (203) 513-9716, and we'll talk!

By joining the Receiving School, you get: 
  • Lifetime Access to The Receiving Method Training Modules. Each module has video training exercises, worksheets, and prompts to enhance the training and to guide you through each process. 
  • Time and Space to dive into each exercise. Most programs push you through to the "healing" part of the process. I want to give you space to focus and really work on these exercises. Rushing to healing won't work.
  • LIVE coaching calls each month with me to go over additional training. These calls allow time to share wins and successes, and they give space to questions and needs for support. I’ll also share insights into what is energetically on the planet to make sense of what is happening. 
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions, get support and engage with people on the same journey as you. Everyone agrees - The Receiving School group feels like family. All LIVE calls will be recorded and added to your course library for you to watch at any time.


  • Energy Clearing & Shamanic Healing Group Session led by my personal teacher and mentor, Deana Paqua, whose indigenous teachings have come from the mystical traditions of the Andes and the Q'ero tribe of Peru. Clear blocks, receive spiritual empowerment, and energetic support while releasing discordant, unhelpful energy and emotional patterns ($250 value) 
  • #2: LIVE group Tapping Session (EFT), as well as, on-demand tapping sessions you can access when you need them led by Victoria Cryder, Certified AAMET EFT Practitioner. Tapping is one of the most effective ways I know to reduce the fear and anxiety that causes resistance and blocks receiving. I have personally worked with Victoria for 6 years ($200 value)
  • #3: Equinox ceremony led by Ceremonial Leader Lynn Trotta. Each season you will receive support in honoring the natural cycles so that you can work with Mother Earth and Luna to clear limitations and evolve on your path forward ($250 value) 
  • #4: Money Magic Program - When you release resistance generated by your relationship to money, abundance flows in every form! This program will show you the secret about money every banker knows and it will walk you through the debt release ceremony that shifts your money energy ($297 value) Bonus #5: Moon Magic Masterclass to learn to connect to the flow of energy of the moon’s cycles and harness it to your advantage in your everyday life and work ($297 Value)